June 15, 2016


Specialty Tool is your one stop shop for pneumatic systems. Providing a wide range of pneumatic equipment, our products are often used in concrete demolition, contaminated sites, foundation removal, and much more.


  • Airman Portable Air Compressor PD51855
  • Sentry Negative Air Machine 2002
  • APT 90lb Jack Hammer M190
  • Sullair 90lb Jack Hammer MPB90A
  • APT 60lb Jack Hammer M160
  • APT Rock Drill APT155
  • APT Rock Drill APT38
  • APT Rock Drill APT109
  • APT 15lb Chipping Hammer UT 8652R
  • APT 30lb Clay Digger M118
  • APT Rivet Buster 633
  • APT Rivet Buster 133
  • EDCO Pneumatic Straight Scraper ALR-BS-Straight
  • EDCO Pneumatic Angle Scraper ALRE
  • Wilkerson Water Seperator WSA-06-FM0
  • Oasis Automatic Dehumidifier D-3800HG-002

More Rolling Equipment: