June 15, 2016

Ground Preparation

We carry a variety of ground preparation and soil compaction equipment such as rammer tamps, plate tamps, tillers and trenchers. Only working with top brands like American Pneumatic Tools and Mikasa, our ground preparation tools have the ability to handle your tough garden and soil jobs.


  • Tremix Rammer Tamp KMR11
  • APT Plate Tamp FP100
  • APT Plate Tamp FP75
  • Belle Jumping Jack Tamp RT66
  • Mikasa Jumping Jack Tamp MTX-60
  • Troy Bilt Tiller 21C-64M1011
  • Snapper Tiller ICFR5004B
  • Stone Vibratory Roller Tamp R161
  • Ditch Witch Trencher 1030

More Rolling Equipment: