At Specialty Tool & Supply, we work to correct our clients problems with a sense of urgency!


Are you looking to purchase or rent for a short or extended period? Working with our staff provides a great experience saving you time and money!


Have a specialty tool you can’t find anywhere? We take pride in knowing that we have the tools and equipment you need. If for some reason we don’t have the tool on site, we get it for you. Call or drop by our store today and we will get the tools you need delivered to your job site.


Our company provides a broad range in rental equipment from large generators to excavators. For your safety, we also offer training and can oversee use of new equipment on the job site.


Is your tool not working properly? Do you need your equipment to work more efficiently? Specialty Tool & Supply will come to your construction site to offer assistance.

We deliver materials, tools, equipment, service and the know-how to provide working solutions for our customers.